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There are many steps to starting a business, more than you think.  With my guidance, I will help you start your business LEGALLY and planned properly for future expansion.

Yes, Hello? This is Portage Consulting…

Let’s get to the point.  If you want to schedule a call, click the “Learn How to Start a Business” button above.

Have an aversion to contact forms?  That’s okay, us too.  Here’s where to e-mail us.

If you have questions about financial accounting, business planning, or strategic management, e-mail Stephanie at Stephanie@PortageConsutling.net

If you have questions about search engine optimization, social media management, graphic design, logo creation, or media creation (photography & videography), send Nate an e-mail at Nate@PortageConsulting.net


Not sure what you need to grow your business?  That’s fine.  Close your eyes, point at your screen, and pick the closest e-mail to your fingertip.  We will make sure your e-mail gets to the appropriate party.

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