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QuickBooks Training

QuickBooks should be a useful tool in your business, not a headache that you dread looking at every day. Learn how to make the most of QuickBooks with our online training and become a QuickBooks Master.

From $299

QuickBooks Cleanup

Not sure where to start in getting your QuickBooks file straight? Let us help! We will perform a full purge, cleanup, and organization of your QuickBooks file and make sure you are ready to move forward with fresh, clean financials for your company.

From $2499

Business Plan Writing

Planning and strategizing is a crucial part of setting up and running a business. From securing loans and banking to discussions with potential investors, a professional business plan speaks volumes about your company. We will create a professional, actionable business plan that organizes your ideas.

From $599

Mission Statement Curation

Set your business apart from others with a compelling mission statement that is clear, concise, and captivating.

From $99

Financial Forecasting

Predicting the financial condition of your business and planning for future growth is crucial. Let us help you estimate your financial future.

From $199

Virtual CFO Management

Do you need an expert to manage your finances but aren’t quite ready to bring on a full-time CFO? Virtual CFO Management gives you the security of a hands on CFO without the hefty price tag.

From $799/mo

Financial Analysis and Review

Not fully understanding your financial position? I will take your financial statements, review and analyze them against current market conditions, and provide a full write-up of my findings in terms that you can understand, allowing you to make informed decisions.

From $99

Business Development Strategies

We will work together with you to analyze current market conditions and align them with your business’ core competencies to capitalize on your strengths and protect against your weaknesses.

From $499

Account Reconciliation and Review

Need to get caught up on your account reconciliations but don’t have the time? I’ll reconcile your accounts and review for any issues, saving you time and effort.

From $69

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Small Business Consulting

Marketing & Design

Website Creation

Your website is usually the first thing your customer sees about your business. We can build a high speed, aesthetic, organized website that is optimized to bring in more clients.

From $799

Search Engine Optimization

When your client searches for your service on google, does your competitor ‘rank’ higher than you do in the listings? There ARE ways to influence this to make you more discoverable.

From $500/mo

Social Media Management

If your business does not have a presence on social media, you are missing out on clients. Social media ads are among some of the cheapest in the market and are HIGHLY targeted for YOUR ideal client making them VERY effective.

From $700/mo

Logo Design

Nike, Starbucks, Chevrolet… If you see these logos, you know what they are without even seeing words. A unique-to-you logo is the thumbprint of your business.

From $49

Graphic Design

Shirts, stickers, and coffee mugs all require specific file formats and this is where we come in.

From $99

Photography & Videography

Showing off your product or service in its BEST light is essential to bringing in more clients (and more shares on social media). Our photography and videography services highlight those areas of your business.

From $199

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